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School Dinners 

Hot School Dinners

At St. Andrew’s our Executive Chef, Rob Stevens, carefully develops our school dinner menus in line with the School Food Plan. These are mandatory standards from the Department for Education, to help school catering teams to create menus that are imaginative and nutritious.

More information can be found on the School Food Plan website.

Good reasons to choose a school lunch

There are many reasons why you should choose a hot school dinner for your child.

Our school dinners:

  • are prepared on site by catering staff who are thoroughly trained in all aspects of food hygiene and health and safety regulations;
  • will help your child to concentrate during lessons and recharge their energy;
  • encourage healthy eating habits;
  • provide up to three of your child's five a day portions of fruit and vegetables;
  • are a great way for children to try new foods and develop tastes for different foods;
  • offer a daily selection and choice of freshly cooked main meals, salads, desserts, fresh fruit and yoghurt;
  • offer vegetarian options every day;
  • can cater for any special cultural or dietary requirements; we work closely with parents and teachers to make sure that each child can enjoy a hot, healthy and nutritious meal at lunchtime;
  • help children to have the confidence to make choices;
  • help children to develop social skills by eating and relaxing with others;
  • take away the responsibility of providing a packed lunch.

Meals are planned around a two week menu cycle, meeting all Government–legislated dietary requirements for schools. Children can take any meal for any number of days with no pre-booking or notice period, meaning that parents and carers can mix and match hot school meals and packed lunches to suit their child’s food tastes. Special dietary requirements and allergies can be accommodated. Please ask for a meeting with our Kitchen Manager, Mrs. Chamberlin, to discuss this.

Whilst we encourage all children to have a hot school meal, if your child prefers to bring a packed lunch to school then please have a look at the links below, which suggest lots of delicious and healthy packed lunch options, which will ensure that all children have the energy required to work and play in the school day afternoon.

Healthy Packed Lunch ideas

Packed Lunch Guidance

Universal Free School Meals (Foundation, Year 1, Year 2)

Under Government Legislation, every child in KS1 (Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2) is entitled to a free school dinner every day. However, if you are in receipt of certain qualifying benefits, we ask that you still complete a Free School Meal application form as this will identify your child as a Pupil Premium recipient. Our school receives additional funding for every child identified as Pupil Premium which is used to further the learning experience of these children.

You can apply online via the Devon County Council website, by following this link: Devon Citizen Portal

Buying School Dinners  (Years 3 – 6)

 School meals are paid for using our online Parent Pay system and children are issued with coloured wristbands every lunchtime, denoting whether they are having a meat or vegetarian meal.  On enrolment at St. Andrew's, children and their families are provided with all of the information they need to set up their own Parent Pay accounts. 

St. Andrew’s Executive Chef

My name is Rob Stevens and I am the Executive Chef of Ventrus. I have been a chef for over 30 years and I have had the privilege of working in and owning some amazing restaurants.

During my career as a chef, I have managed to gain a vast amount of experience of different cuisines and cookery methods which I would love to share within the school community. My current role of Executive Chef will allow me to combine my love and passion of food, my dedication to provide a healthy nutritional balanced school food provision, and be able to develop and implement my positive experiences of educating children with cookery.

My aim is to provide the children with not only healthy food, but to turn the whole event into a family dining experience allowing them to taste a wide variety of different yet nutritious foods. Ventrus has a vision for catering which will improve the quality of children’s food, their dining experience and in the future generate income to go back into the classroom to support children’s learning.

Ventrus will also focus within that vision on enhancing the community aspect of food across the Trust schools with approaches such as themed nights and family events alongside parental cookery sessions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at